Professional Brewing

WProfessional Brewing Yeast - White Labs San Diegohite Labs began serving homebrewers, but today yeast for commercial breweries and others is its primary manufacturing focus. 

More than 80 percent of new White Labs customers come to the company with knowledge of its services either as a homebrewer or from a previous job, according to the company’s new customer research, and if you are one of these happy past customers, welcome. If you are new to the field, or to White Labs, this section will serve as a learning ground for how White Labs can better supply your business, whether you need a slant of yeast or an 800bbl pitchable for larger batches.

White Labs grows brewer’s yeast, banks private strains, conducts a full range of laboratory services, sells equipment for breweries to set up their own laboratories, and provides consulting services with particular emphasis in the microbiology and fermentation fields. If your endeavor involves fermentation, White Labs is there to help. Besides growing its own yeast, with a bank of hundreds of possible strain options, including but not limited to those on this website, White Labs provides enzymes, nutrients, test kits, workshops, and more.

The heart of White Labs is its yeast offerings, knowledge and support. White Labs’ library of strains has been built through a variety of means – in the beginning, literally from bottles and tanks of some of the most famous beers around, to modern times when acquiring pure strains directly from other yeast banks around the world including Germany is the normal course of operations. The yeast is kept cryogenically frozen, maintaining the integrity of the original sample. New strains are added every year to the regular line up. Strains in regular production are often a vailable faster, and thanks to the regular demands of the homebrew market and other sources, more than 70 strains are actively made every week at White Labs.

Besides talking daily with brewers who use White Labs strains, more is done to gather knowledge and data about the yeast. White Labs offers comprehensive beer analysis as a TTB Beer-certified lab, and has partnered with Siebel Institute to provide a wealth of testing services. In the realm of other fermentation help, enzymes are increasingly gaining attention as a means to help solve brewing issues. Clarity Ferm is gaining the attention of many as a way to reduce gluten in beer even when that beer is made with barley. White Labs people are microbiologists, brewers, educators and members of most industry trade organizations. Feel free to contact them for any help you may need in your brewing pursuits.