April 2013

Under the Microscope: WLP050 Tennessee Whiskey Yeast

Tennessee Whiskey Yeast is one of our most popular strains for use in American whiskeys and bourbons. It is a low but distinctive ester producing yeast that finishes clean and dry and works very well to create the rich, bold flavors that one associates with the aforementioned spirits. It is a...

Call for YOUR recipes!

Attention Homebrewers!

In an attempt to bolster the Recipe section of our new site, we're putting out a call for your favorite recipes that use a White Labs strain or blend. We'd love to hear your favorite HB success stories.

Simply name the recipe, scale it to 5 gallons and send...

Flanders Brett Variations: Round Two

If you're in the San Diego area later this month, be sure to stop by the Tasting Room to try the second release in our series of Flanders ales on 4/19. Not in the area? We've included our recipe below - try it at home!

Here, we use different strains of Brett two ways. The yeast used for...