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Homebrewers, how’s your QC?

Our Alcohol Test Kit Plus let’s you test your beer like the pros. Each kit includes  an ABV test for one sample and is postage paid. You can easily add more analytical tests when you register your sample. Ask about it at your local homebrew shop or order online!    

Under the Microscope: WLP644

Under the Microscope is a new series of Yeastbuddy posts that highlight specific (usually new or seasonal) White Labs strains. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, with wild ales, gueuzes, lambics and sours. The demand and desire for funky, sour beers has never been higher- just ask a bottle...

2 new strains

The White Labs Platinum Series features three seasonal strains that are available in stores for two months at a time. Jan/Feb WLP022 Essex Ale Yeast WLP510 Bastogne Yeast WLP815 Belgian Lager YeastMar/Apr WLP009 Australian Ale Yeast WLP017 Whitbread Ale Yeast – Back by popular demand!...

Saint Archer IPA Tasting

We’re beyond excited to be tapping a keg of soon-to-be-open Saint Archer‘s IPA tomorrow at the White Labs Tasting Room at noon. I conducted the following Q&A with brewmaster Ray Astamendi (formerly of Mission Brewery, Left Coast Brewing Co., and Maui Brewing Co.) via e-mail: Q I know a...

Congreso Internacional

White Labs founder and president Chris White visted Chile this past week to give a talk and judge the competition at the 1er. Congreso Internacional de Cerveceros Artesanales.

11/16-18: White Labs Walks for the Cure!

This weekend, several White Labs employees will be walking a total of 60 miles around San Diego County to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity. Starting Friday 11/16,  Lisa White, Neva Parker, Kara Taylor, Maureen Lalonde, Allison Wells, and Michael Fuller will begin the...

White Labs & AleSmith Collaboration Tasting

Join us on December 3rd in the White Labs Tasting Room for a very special, one time-only event. We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite breweries on the planet, the superb AleSmith Brewing Company, to put together a Tap Takeover, White Labs-style! AleSmith provided us with some of their Wee...

Happy Pure Culture Anniversary!

On this day in 1883, Emil Christian Hansen was the first scientist in history to successfully create a pure yeast culture for use in brewing. He was head of the Carlsberg Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark and his work stood on the shoulders of Louis Pasteur who had published novel...

WLP005 British Ale Yeast wins the election!

The White House beer winner is in! As background White Labs brewed President Barack Obama’s homebrew recipe, including his use of a dried, non-American made yeast. Obama’s beer was paired against three other variations of the same recipe with the only difference being White Labs liquid yeast....

Chris White To Visit HomeBrew USA

As part of the Customer Club Vial Redemption program, White Labs offers rewards and discounts to repeat customers who send us labels from their used vials. The ultimate reward, given to a homebrew shop that amasses 5,000 labels, sees Chris White himself paying a visit to the shop to brew a...


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