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New videos posted

White Labs has produced new videos for homebrewers with more to come soon. Neva Parker provides a detailed and accessible discussion about yeast starters, and Kara Taylor talks about using the alcohol, beer and wine test kits from White Labs. Neva's video on yeast starters Kara's video on test kits

White Labs, Brazil, and trains

Chris White, Chris Odell and others traveled on the Bodebown Beer Train in Brazil recently. They enjoyed Brazilian beers, cheeses and beautiful scenery.

Next Big QC Day approaching

In its 7th-consecutive year, Big QC Day is one of the best and most affordable ways for you to test your beers. Questions answered include- * How close is your beer to the intended style? * How does your beer compare to others around the nation? * How does your in-house testing compare to an...

Sour Beer Fermentation Video

Update: The video is in editing stages. For ordering information visit here. Participants reported enjoying the White Labs workshop Secret to Sour Beer Fermentation on July 12. The in-class and webinar versions sold out months before the class. The big attractions were the speakers including Vinnie...

2013 Cider Yeast Comparison

In a recently completed experiment, the QUAFF homebrew club pitted a variety of White Labs yeast strains against each other in a high-stakes cider competition. WLP002 English Ale Yeast won two out of the three judging groups' number one spot, and in the third group it came in second. Learn how the...

Frankenstout unleashed

Frankenstout, a beer made with 96 yeast strains, was released to an enthusiastic audience, some dressed in Frankenstein garb, at the White Labs Tasting Room on Friday. The complete strain list is private, but it involves a wide variety of strains all from the White Labs yeastbank. For an...

Clarity Ferm Q&A

Lots of brewers ask us about how Clarity Ferm can reduce the gluten in their beers, and how they can describe these procedures and outcomes to their customers. We have updated the online description of Clarity Ferm to include the answers to these kinds of questions, including considerations related...

Update: Sour Workshop sold out

Updated 6/5/2013: The Secret to Sour Beer Workshop has sold out. The class itself sold out a couple of weeks ago, and now all the spots for the webinar have been taken. The class in mid-July is the most popular thus far at White Labs. Look for other styles to be covered in future classes. Other...

Under the Microscope: WLP410 Belgian Wit II

May sees the release of three new Platinum Strains including WLP410, our Belgian Wit II Ale Yeast. This strain works wonderfully in the production of Belgian wits, wheat beers and spiced ales in particular, and flocculates higher than WLP400 (our other Belgian Wit strain) imparting a bit more...

Under the Microscope: WLP050 Tennessee Whiskey Yeast

Tennessee Whiskey Yeast is one of our most popular strains for use in American whiskeys and bourbons. It is a low but distinctive ester producing yeast that finishes clean and dry and works very well to create the rich, bold flavors that one associates with the aforementioned spirits. It is a...


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