Kombucha and and Kefir Services

White Labs is a valuable resource to Kombucha producers in many ways. We can store and
propagate custom cultures and blends to assure purity and consistency. We consult on the proper amounts of cultures to use and incorporate into products. We can not only test alcohol levels for compliance, but also for any micro organisms present. Below are some of the testing options.

Analytical Testing

     • LS6646 Alcohol by Volume Testing
     • LS6644 Nutritional Testing
     • LS6672 Fat (by Acid Hydrolysis)
     • Vitamins and Minerals (Pricing on request)

Microbiological Testing

Package A: Isolation of micro-organisms
Client will provide White Labs with mixed culture derived from the environment. This could be in the form of liquid slurry or micro-organism colonies on agar media plate. White Labs will use standard microbiological isolation techniques to obtain pure colonies of single organisms from the mix. Validation of organism isolation will be performed, and organisms will be identified to the Genus level (i.e. Saccharomcyes-type yeast, nonSaccharomcyes-type yeast, anaerobic bacteria, aerobic bacteria).
$505 per sample (LS6725)

Package B: Basic lab-scale fermentations of isolates & genetic identification
White Labs will perform lab-scale fermentations using isolated organisms to determine fermentability and performance. Once fermentability is proven, genetic identification of the candidate organisms will also be established. Included with this package:
• Fermentation kinetics for each isolated organism
• Fermentation growth rate for each isolated organism
• pH of lab-scale fermentations
• Alcohol, attenuation & extract values for individual fermentations
• Genetic identification
• 1 Liter samples of organisms shipped to customer for evaluation
$2550 per sample (LS6730)

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