Yeast Nutrients and Enzymes


Servomyces, invented by a distilling professional,  is a nutritional yeast supplement (GMO free) that was originally developed by Weihenstephan and the Munich University. It conforms to the restrictions of Reinheitsgebot. Servomyces enables any yeast strain's ability to incorporate essential nutrients into its cellular structure. It has been proven to:

  • Cuts down fermentation time
  • Improve the health and viability of yeast.
  • Produce faster, more complete attenuations
  • Improve the quality of the finished product


Fermaid K
Fermaid K is a blended complex yeast nutrient that supplies ammonia salts (DAP), alpha amino nitrogen (derived from yeast extract), sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, key nutrients (magnesium sulfate, thiamin, folic acid, niacin, biotin, calcium pantothenate) and inactive yeast. Fermaid K should be hydrated before adding to an active fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing of tanks or barrels. It is available in 10 kg boxes and 2.5 kg bags.


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