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Fermentation for Kombucha

Oct 26, 2015

Early Registration Deadline: Sep 26, 2015

Yeast Essentials 2.0 - Florida

Nov 12, 2015 to Nov 13, 2015

Early Registration Deadline: Oct 12, 2015

Yeast Essentials Workshop and Webinar (San Diego)

Nov 16, 2015

Early Registration Deadline: Oct 16, 2015

Course Archive

Siebel Institute Essential Quality Control Course

Aug 10, 2015 to Aug 21, 2015

Early Registration Deadline: Jul 10, 2015

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Note: You may sign up for future classes via the Yeastman tracking and ordering system. Go to the tab called "Other Merchandise" and scroll to the bottom where the classes are listed.

More information: 1-888-5-YEAST-5 or write us.

We reserve the right to cancel classes 30 days + prior to commencement in the rare cases enrollment goals are not met or for other reasons. We recommend that you not pay or reserve travel arrangements until 30 days prior to a class to avoid change fees or other expenses. White Labs will refund enrollment costs but not other expenses (such as airline cancellation or change fees) for cancelled classes.