Siebel Institute Essential Quality Control Course

Aug 10, 2015 to Aug 21, 2015
Early Registration Deadline: 
Jul 10, 2015

(Please note: This course must be ordered directly from Siebel Institute. Write or call (312) 255-0705 for more information)

Jointly offered by Siebel Institute & White Labs
Hosted at the White Labs facility in San Diego, Calif.
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The only course of its type anywhere, the Siebel Institute Essential Quality Control Course (Aug. 10 - 21, 2015) presents a full range of topics related to QC that will give you the tools required to create beers of the highest quality and consistency.

Conducted at the facilities of White Labs in San Diego, California, this course will cover all of the most important aspects of a complete QC program; Sensory Evaluation, Analytical testing and Microbiological testing. The emphasis in this course is practical hands-on learning enhanced by lectures dealing in the sciences behind the techniques. Over the span of 2 weeks, you will learn the tools & procedures used by breweries worldwide to evaluate beer at every important phase, employing standards designed and tested by organizations like the ASBC and EBC.

Instruction is provided by some of the most recognized experts in brewing including Lyn Kruger of Siebel Institute and Dr. Chris White of White Labs.

Lecture topics include:
* Sensory Analysis Training: Flavors associated with Water, Brewhouse, Fermentation, Maturation, Contamination Associated Flavors
* The Nature of Yeast
* Pure Yeast Cultures: Maintenance, Selection & Propagation
* Yeast Viability, Vitality; Cell Concentration/ Pitching
* Wort Spoilage Bacteria
* Beer Spoilage Bacteria
* The Spoilage Potential of Beer
* Detection of Contaminants by Bioluminescense
* Wild Yeast Detection and Identification
* Taste Panels
* Dry Yeast
* Yeast Growth & Fermentation
* Beer Hazes and Sediments
* Sampling Techniques and Environmental Hygiene
* Microbiology Program for Breweries
* Basic Equipment for a QC Lab

For complete information visit the Siebel website here. For questions regarding this course or any Siebel Institute course, contact John Hannafan, Director of Education, at

We reserve the right to cancel classes 30 days + prior to commencement in the rare cases enrollment goals are not met or for other reasons. We recommend that you not pay or reserve travel arrangements until 30 days prior to a class to avoid change fees or other expenses. White Labs will refund enrollment costs but not other expenses (such as airline cancellation or change fees) for cancelled classes.