What is special about Yeastman?

It is the only real-time online ordering in the business connected directly to factory production.

Always on, always live.


Can you make Yeastman faster? 

We are always trying to increase the speed of the site, including moves last year that signficantly increased speed for major parts of the site. However, it remains slow in some areas. For brower choice, it is optimized for Firefox. However, analytics show that the fastest brower is Internet Explorer followed by Firefox and Chrome (which is almost three times as slow in loading pages as Internet Explorer, according to Yeastman analytics).

Why should I use Yeastman?

Yeastman gives customers online ordering, access to the entire White Labs catalog, specials on overruns of freshly made yeast (we often make too much!), access to all the testing data for your account and for your yeast, and customized options for your account, including private strains, payment options and shipping situations. It is the largest online marketplace for specialty brewers yeast and related products.

I am not a customer but want to use Yeastman for the first time

From the front page of Yeastman, follow the link, "I am not currently a customer."

I am a White Labs customer. How do I use Yeastman for the first time?

1. Go to and follow the link "I have not logged in before."

2. Your login code is your White Labs account number without any dashes. To verify your account number or for any other questions, please write us. (Please note: International account numbers begin with 011 and have a maximum of 12 numbers).

3. Enter the email you have on file with us (this must be an exact match).

4. Enter your name and create a password. Ignore the question about your tax ID number.

5. Hit enter

Big QC Day and Yeastman: Help please

Log-in to your customer account at If you have not logged in before, but have signed up for Big QC Day already, or if you are a White Labs customer and are seeking to sign up for Big QC Day, click “I have not logged in before.” If you are not a customer and you have not yet signed up for Big QC Day, follow "I am not currently a customer." After signing in, look to the toolbar on the top of the page. There you will find a button for QC Day. Follow this link and the rest should be self-explanatory. If you would like help entering your information, call 1-888-5-YEAST-5 or email us at

What is Yeastman?

Yeastman, White Labs’ custom-built tracking and ordering technology, makes it fast and easy to order yeast whenever you need it. Yeastman tracks yeast throughout the building, regularly updates data between the internal and online systems, and provides up-to-the minute availability information for employees and customers alike. Yeastman protects your yeast and gets it to you when you need it. Yeastman is a Registered Trademark owned by White Labs.


Why do I have to give all this information to log in for the first time?

You are logging into your own account, with your details and order history (for orders only), so customer security is critical.

Is the system secure?

Yeastman Online uses a secure SSL connection from the moment you begin the login process. Your data is encrypted with high-grade 128-bit RC4 encryption using a certificate verified by The User Trust Network, preventing other users from intercepting or reading it.

I want to add on to an FAP (Freshness Assurance Program) order, how do I do so?

On the products page mark the box that the order applies to the FAP program. Only customers enrolled in this program will have the option of clicking this box. If you are trying to add on to an FAP order, click the box and write in any notes you feel necessary in the notes box, which appears both on the products page and the page just before check-out. After we receive the FAP related order, we will process and send you a revised sales order, if necessary.

It is summer - will the yeast survive during the shipping process?

Our yeast is shipped with ice packs. Nevertheless, summer temperatures do present challenges in the hotter regions of the country/world, and we recommend that such stores order yeast overnight under hot conditions. Stores are free to select overnight shipping during the checkout process in Yeastman.

When can I get my yeast?

This is generally the first question we get when talking to a brewer – and this is what the Yeastman system is designed to answer in a matter of seconds. On the products page, click the calendar icon to the right of the strain. This will give you a date of availability, although the date is not certain until later in the order (for instance, this date could vary if two strains are ordered and one is not available until a later date, or if a brewer is ordering a larger size pitch than available at that time; nevertheless, this is all identified before check out).

How does Yeastman  know when the yeast is available?

The system communicates directly with a tracking system used in the laboratory and production department. This hand-held tracking system monitors each stage of a yeast strain’s growth, and can thus predict when it will be available based on normal production schedules. However, because the yeast must clear rigorous QC testing, this ship date may change and this information would be conveyed to the brewer.

Why are some strains available sooner than others?

Lead time is officially 3 weeks, but we grow yeast based on order expectations, not just actual orders. Thus popular strains could be available sooner than others. For instance, WLP001 California Ale Yeast is generally available for shipping in one to 10 days, depending on production. We start new yeast every 2 days, so yeast is constantly clearing our QC program.

What does clearing QC mean?  

All yeast delivered to our customers must pass a rigorous quality control program. This requires a minimum of one week of plating. If someone tells you they can propagate and deliver yeast to you in less time, they are not performing proper QC tests. The tests mandated by brewing standards require at least one week of plating. When White Labs says they can ship yeast to you the following day, for instance, this means the yeast has already cleared QC.

When do I get assessed a rush fee?

When a brewer seeks to have yeast shipped the same day, they are charged a $25 rush charge. Users are asked to call White Labs for same day orders.

Update: In recognition of the fast tracking and processing afforded by the Yeastman system, the rush fee described above was eliminated in 2010. No more rush fees!

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