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Introducing White Labs' New FlexCell Process and PurePitch Homebrewer Packaging!

Watch the video below to find out how we're revolutionizing the art of fermentation. Our new homebrewer packaging will be in retailer and consumer orders beginning in the near future (the first release is for commercial packages, and starting in August 2014 WLP001 was the first strain released in PurePitch for commercial breweries). Click here for information about PurePitch packaging for commercial customers.

FAQs for Homebrew Retailers and Homebrewers

Our New PurePitch Homebrewer Packaging


Retailer Product Display

For more information about the FlexCell Process and PurePitch Homebrewer Packaging, please review the media materials below.

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Retailer and homebrewer inquiries, please contact White Labs:
Domestic and Canada: (888) 5-YEAST-5
International: (858) 693-3441


Homebrewer PurePitch Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

I really liked the homebrew vials, what makes PurePitch packaging better?
While we know our customers love our homebrew vials, the FlexCell process and new PurePitch package allows White Labs to create yeast that's never been transferred or exposed to the environment, ensuring our commitment to purity. The new PurePitch packaging is a recyclable, flexible material allowing for increased breathability, reducing the chance of gas buildup and maintaining an optimal environment for the yeast. Plus, with the new packaging we anticipate a longer shelf life and due to the environmental savings, our pricing should remain consistent in the coming years.

For our retailers, the FlexCell process improves inventory management, ensuring our customers get the product they need when they need it. For the first time, our packaging will include barcodes to help retailers manage inventory levels and track sales, and the PurePitch packaging allows for easier storing and merchandising as foam trays or racks will no longer be necessary to display our yeast.

When will homebrew retailers and homebrewers begin to receive the new packaging in their orders?
Homebrew retailers and customers can expect to see PurePitch packaging in orders following the release of commercial PurePitch packages, which began in August 2014 for selected strains. A more exact timeline for the release of homebrew packaging will be made as the information becomes available.

Will this impact your home winemaking customers too?
Yes, our home winemaking customers will also receive the new PurePitch packaging in orders beginning fall 2014.

How should customers/retailers store the new PurePitch packaging?
The PurePitch packaging storage requirements are the same as our previous homebrew products. Yeast should be stored in the refrigerator prior to use. Remove the yeast from the refrigerator approximately two to six hours before pitching and allow the yeast to reach room temperature. The reason for this is to prevent temperature shock when the yeast is pitched.

We will provide retailers with product display pieces when the homebrew packaging is released.

What does the new packaging mean for retailers?
For the first time, our packaging will include barcodes to help retailers manage inventory levels and track sales, and the PurePitch packaging allows for easier storing and merchandising as foam trays or racks will no longer be necessary to display our yeast. And we will provide homebrew retailers with product display pieces when the packaging is released.

Does the new PurePitch packaging require any new procedures to use (ie. sterilizing the bag, cutting tool, etc.)?
Customers should sanitize scissors/cutting tools and wipe down the PurePitch package before cutting it open and pitching it directly into the fermentor.

Will this new process/packaging change the cost of your products?
No, the cost of our yeast cultures will remain the same for domestic and international retailers and customers. However, the new technology should allow us to provide more consistency in our pricing for years to come.

Will the new packaging be available in the same size as previously offered?
Yes, our new homebrew PurePitch package size will be the same size as our vials and can be directly pitched into a five-gallon batch of wort.

Will you offer the same strains in the PurePitch packaging?
Yes, all of our current strains will be available for purchase by retailers and customers beginning fall 2014 in the new PurePitch packaging.

Using the FlexCell process, will the yeast still be kosher?
Yes, White Labs' brewers yeast and distilling yeast was certified kosher in 2013 and will continue to meet these requirements using the FlexCell process.

Will you still reward your customer club members with prizes? If you are doing away with the old vials and labels, what will they redeem for swag?
Customers can continue to redeem the vial labels for prizes, and once we launch our PurePitch packaging, members of our customer club can redeem the empty PurePitch packages for prizes.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered by one of the FAQs outlined above? Send us an email at


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