International inquiries - Scandinavia/Europe

Brewers in Scandinavia and Europe are welcome to fill out the form below, which will be answered by White Labs staff members in the United States. Alternatively, brewers may contact the White Labs representative in Scandinavia, Troels Prahl. Prahl, who worked at White Labs U.S.  in 2007, operates Ferm, a microbiology laboratory and pilot brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Prahl is available to provide technical support, training, and ordering information. He also provides QC services after the yeast has been shipped across the Atlantic. Ferm provides technical assistance to White Labs costumers in Europe in cases where time differences or distance to the US is a problem.

Ferm also stocks commonly ordered yeast strains. For more information or inventory inquiries contact Ferm directly at or email
Ferm Telephone: +45 21 85 22 40. Please note that Ferm does not handle questions or orders related to homebrew vials.

To contact White Labs U.S., write us or call 1-303-530-0469.

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