Analytical Lab Services

In 2009, White Labs and Siebel Institute of Technology joined forces to offer you a comprehensive list of analytical testing services. 


Laboratory Services listed HERE

Two ways to order: 

1) Log on to, and under the Products tab, click Laboratory Supplies and Services. Print the reciept and place in the box when sending samples
2) Fill out the Analytical Services Request Form (the link is located at top right of this page under headline "Documents") and place in the box when shipping the samples

Why should I order online?

1) Access is 24 hours a day. Users can order testing and view their results at any time.
2) Ease of use. The system will walk you though all that you need to do, including printing out the form that you will need to send back with your samples.
3) The website is secure with an 8+ year record of safe results. Only the registered user or their designate will be able to view the results.

Need help figuring out what tests to order?

            Phone 1-858-693-3441 ext 7387

Samples MUST be shipped to:

White Labs
Attn: Analytical Lab
9450 Candida St
San Diego, CA 92126

*If you are shipping from out of the United States, please contact us to advise shipping requirements 

When will my results be ready? 

Turn around time is different for individual tests and is listed under the part numbers on the website. If you have any questions you can always email us at

When results are completed, they will be emailed to the email that was provided. Results can also be viewed anytime under your account at