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Moxi Flow

Moxi Flow Smart Flow Automated Cell Counter 
White Labs Private Label Version Product Overview (Part # MB2000)

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White Labs, in a collaboration with ORFLO Technologies, an innovator of cell analysis and flow cytometry solutions in the life sciences markets, is offering breweries and wineries a method for significantly improving their yeast counting and viability quality control activities.

The White Labs Private Label Moxi Flow is a combination Fluorescent, Coulter Principle-based Flow Cytometer that utilizes a disposable flow cell and is maintenance-free. There is no other instrument on the market that has these uniquely combined features. This is enabled through the use of a proprietary brewer's yeast application onboard ORFLO’s Moxi Flow, making it easier than ever to count yeast. Challenges with cell clusters are also eliminated with a tailored algorithm that accurately assesses the number of cells in a group. The technology of the Moxi Flow Smart Flow is quick, repeatable, and reliable.

"The Moxi Flow has allowed White Labs to get extremely accurate, almost instantaneous, cell-counting results," said Aaron Gonzales, project implementation specialist at White Labs. "What would take an operator 5-7 minutes to count, the Moxi Flow calculates in under 10 seconds."

The Moxi Flow, “Smart Flow Cytometer,” combines high powered traditional flow cytometry fluorescence detection with impedance-based detection (Coulter Principle) in combination with ORFLO's patent-protected micro-optic, micro-electronic, micro-fluidic cassettes to enable “on demand” cell assays in seconds.

By leveraging the advantages of a disposable cassette for samples, the Moxi Flow runs with a brand new flow cell for every experiment. This means no clogging, no rinsing, no cleaning, and no sheath fluids. Moxi Flow is also the only flow cytometer in the world that auto-aligns itself for every test. This means no annual service contracts, no down time, and no maintenance.

By eliminating the parts and complexity of traditional flow cytometers, the Moxi Flow was miniaturized to enable in-hood use, and is ideal for remote, in-field test settings.

White Labs Private Label Moxi Flo - Additional Details

One other significant differentiator is the price of the sysytem; both from a per use and initial investment point of view. Flow cytometers range from $15-500K USDs and non-integrate the Coulter Principle, or utilized a disposable flow cell.

The Moxi Flow is a sub-$12K system and the per-test cost is $2.45. The architecture of the Moxi Flow makes it uniquely suited for complex primary cells by clearly and nearly instantly delivering a comprehensive view of the sample.

The Moxi Flow directly calculates the volume of 30-50,000 cells in 8 seconds along with simultaneously enabling fluorescence detection of a specific marker of interest, including Propidium Iodide for viability measurements.

Because the Moxi Flow deploys the Coulter Principle it delivers direct gold standard accuracy and precision when calculating a stained (positive) cell from an unstained cell (negative) which eliminates rework and cost associated with poor experimental results, low protein yields due to improper count and viability inputs. It also saves hours of tune associated with manual cell counts.

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