Understanding Yeast Domestication: Q&A with Troels Prahl

A study on the genetics of brewers yeast was published in September 2016 via the scientific journal Cell. Thanks to a large collaborative group, the study turned out to be the largest one of its kind and White Labs was excited to be a part of the research. To help you understand the findings and...

Voters have spoken

As part of San Diego Beer Week, White Labs invited fans to pick beers that we would brew and serve at our tasting rooms. In just three short weeks we received over 6,000 votes. 

Plan to join us Nov. 6 for a special tapping at our San Diego Tasting Room or Nov. 10 at our Boulder Tasting...

Strain Released from the Yeast Vault

Update: The strain reached the ordering minimum on the day of this post and has been released from The Yeast Vault! It was the fourth strain released this year as part The Yeast Vault Program.

Shipping is expected in late June.

WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Blend is getting close to...

White Labs Copenhagen hosts classes

White Labs Copenhagen is making great progress.Brewers and homebrewers from throughout Scandinavia and beyond came to White Labs Copenhagen for a series of classes in April 2016.Leading the events was Troels Prahl, managing director of White Labs Copenhagen. He was joined by his staff as well as...

Boulder Tasting Room updates

White Labs expanded the hours of its Boulder Tasting Room beginning Thursday, May 12, 2016.

To mark this event, a series of events have been scheduled over the week, including local homebrew club meetings, an official party with invited guests, a donation drive that involves getting a...

White Labs kosher certified

We are happy to announce that our house yeast strains and enzymes produced in San Diego and Davis, Calif. facilities have been certified kosher by STAR-K. The official kosher certification logo, a star with a “K” inside, may now be seen on the back of all U.S. produced product packaging.


Vault Strain is Released

White Labs fans have released the yeast! WLP611 New Nordic Yeast Blend has been put into production after reaching funding goals with The Yeast Vault pre-order program.

Those who preordered will be the first to receive this strain, which is a unique blend of three ...

IBU class for homebrewers

White Labs is offering an IBU class for homebrewers and others on Feb. 20, and plans another homebrew course later in the year in connection with NHC. 

Ever wonder how IBUs are measured? What is the difference between estimated and calculated IBUs? In this short course (three hours),...

Platinum Strains 2016

Here is the lineup for Platinum seasonal strains for 2016. Note that the program offers two seasonals every two months, as opposed to three in previous years. The change was made in recognition of the Vault pre-order program, which will bring many more new strains into use over the course of the...

New CBQ released

White Labs has mailed the latest issue of Craft Beer Quarterly, which includes tips for making smoked beers, an update on the 2015  hops season, and news about a new malt variety released by Briess.

to read the full issue click here.


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