Updated homebrew packaging

The next time you visit your local homebrew shop you may notice some cosmetic and functional changes to our homebrew PurePitch® packages. We’ve updated the outer packaging to be more uniform, added manufacturing information on the front, helpful resources on the back and most importantly...

Asheville update

White Labs' expansion project in Asheville, North Carolina is well under way with plans for construction to be completed on the main facility by late spring/early summer, with the full public opening later in the year.

Although the rainy season, which is under way, could slow construction...

White Labs launches in-house DNA testing

White Labs is now conducting in-house genetic identification using polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, which allows scientists to definitively determine the genus and species* of the microorganism you are dealing with.

White Labs scientists amplify specific regions of highly variable...

How We Make Yeast

White Labs has created a new graphic that shows our 17-day process for making and testing yeast. We hope you enjoy!



Looking for White Labs' "big announcement?" Click here.

New classes at WL

Check out the complete list of new and encore classes for 2014 at White Labs (and around the country), including the most Yeast Essentials Workshops to date, here.

Holiday Gifts

White Labs is getting ready for the holidays by ramping up production of yeast, as the winter months are especially busy. Additionally we are having fun creating holiday-related items like the ornaments below, which are available in our tasting room and online via the White Labs Gift Shop. ...

Sour Beer Fermentation Video

Update: The video is in editing stages. For ordering information visit here.

Participants reported enjoying the White Labs workshop Secret to Sour Beer Fermentation on July 12. The in-class and webinar versions sold out months before the class. The big attractions were the speakers...

Frankenstout unleashed

Frankenstout, a beer made with 96 yeast strains, was released to an enthusiastic audience, some dressed in Frankenstein garb, at the White Labs Tasting Room on Friday. The complete strain list is private, but it involves a wide variety of strains all from the White Labs yeastbank. For an...

Clarity Ferm Q&A

Lots of brewers ask us about how Clarity Ferm can reduce the gluten in their beers, and how they can describe these procedures and outcomes to their customers. We have updated the online description of Clarity Ferm to include the answers to these kinds of questions, including considerations...


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