Analytical Lab Services

SIT0070 Bitterness Units (IBU)

Measure the true amount of IBUs in a product compared to your calculated values Results expressed in: BU (Bitterness Units) Method:ASBC - Spectrophotometer Analyte also included in the following panels:  LS6620 Complete QC Analysis SIT0001 Fast...

Price: $39

SIT0080 Calcium

Method: ICP  Results expressed in PPM  

Price: $36

SIT0090 Total Carbohydrates

Method: ASBC-Calculation from Extract, Protein, and Ash.  Results reported in g/12 oz Analyte included in the following panel: LS6644 Nutritional Beer Analysis

Price: $66

SIT0091 Carbohydrate Sugar Profile By HPLC

This analysis give a break down of unfermentables (carbohydrates) in beer or wort sample. Analysis provides the amount of dextrins, maltotriose, maltose, glucose, and glycerol. Results expressed in % Method: HPLC

Price: $287

SIT0110 Chill Haze testing

In this analysis 1 bottle is forced by heat for 1 week to mimic 1 month of shelf life. Chill haze will be analyzed at 4 Celcius and reported from fresh and abused bottles.  Method: Anton Paar Turbidity Meter  

Price: $25

SIT0130 Color

Method: Anton Paar Alcolyzer. Spectrophotometer is used when color is very dark.  Results expressed in SRM. Can be reported as Lovibond if requested.  Analyte included in the following panels:  LS6620 Complete QC Analysis LS6644 Nutritional Beer...

Price: $25

SIT0140 Diacetyl by Gas Chromatography

Diacetyl as-is is tested by Gas Chromatography. We can test the product for total diacetyl if requested. Total diacetyl allows you to see any diacetyl precursor in the product to help anticipate diacetyl shelf life.  Method: Gas Chromatography...

Price: $90

SIT0200 Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN)

FAN allows a brewer to anticipate if any extra nutrients are needed in their wort for a proper fermentation.  Method: colorimetric Results reported in mg/L 

Price: $69

SIT0270 pH

Best for:                     

Price: $14