WLN4700 Hazyme C

HAZYME C is a complex of fungal amylases from different Aspergillus species.


1) To break down starches in apple juice during cold process.
2) To reduce haze formation from soluble starch break down in apple juice.

Apples contain starch at the beginning of season. The starch content decreases as the season progresses and apples ripen. Starch is present as granules in apple juice: it must be gelatinized during pasteurization at a temperature above 85°C before being hydrolyzed. If starch is not broken down, it may retrograde and give a haze in the juice that could precipitate in concentrate.

HAZYME C is has been developed especially for starchy apple juice clarification. It contains the right balance of specific amylases and glucoamylase stable in apple juice. Its application after starch gelatinization and juice cooling down, results in the total breakdown of soluble starch in glucose, avoiding haze formation.

HAZYME C is used in apple juice during the depectinisation after the heat treatment needed for gelification of starch.
It must be added either directly or with a metering pump during the filling of the tank.  Just before use, to ensure adequate mixing, it should be diluted in 10 to 20 times its volume of water.

Active from: 20 to 60°C - PH 3.0 to 5.0

Sizes available: 1L, 10L


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