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White Labs carries many items to start your home or brewery lab. To order any of these items, visit our online ordering system, Yeastman.com

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If you're just getting started with setting up your own lab, check out our test kits. These kits come with just about everything you need to get started. 

Pre-Poured Plates                     Dry Media                   Microscopes and Accessories

Flasks and Stoppers                Beakers                      Pipettes                             Rubber Bulbs

Test Tubes and Bottles                    Misc                   Inoculating Loops                   Lab Coats


Nutrient Agar Plates-  plates used to culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae

     TK3300 (4 pack)     TK3300-20 (20 pack)
Wallerstein Nutrient Agar (WLN) Plates- selective media used to detect brewer's yeast, mold, bacteria, and wild yeast 
     TK3410 (4 pack)    TK3410-20 (20 pack)
Wallerstein Differential Media (WLD) Plates- selective media used to select for bacteria, wild yeast, and mold (contains cycloheximide)
     TK3420 (4 pack)    TK3420-20 (20 pack)
SDA/LMDA Plates- selective media used to select for acid producing bacteria (contains cycloheximide)
     TK3600 (4 pack)    TK3600-20 (20 pack)
LCSM Plates- selective media used to select for non-Saccharomyces type wild yeast (contains cupric sulfate)    
     TK3501 (2 pack)    TK3501-20 (20 pack)
LWYM Plates- selective media used to select for Saccharomyces type wild yeast (contains crystal violet)
     TK3500 (2 pack)     TK3500-20 (20 pack)
HLP Media, prepared-  selective media used to select for Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria. Must be used anaerobically and requires a microwave to heat
     TK3101 (90mls)

DRY MEDIA (All media must be prepared in autoclave or pressure cooker*)

HLP Media* - 500g Hazardous material.  TK3800

LWYM Dry Media - 200 gram include crystal violet TK3505

SDA/LMDA Dry Media - 500g  TK3507

YPD Agar, Dry - 500gTK3305

Lysine Media - 500g TK3495

Universal Beer Agar (UBA) Dry, 500g TK3340

LCSM Dry Media - 200g , include cupric sulfate TK3701

Wallerstein Media (WLN), Dry w/o cyclohexamide 500g TK3450

Wallerstein media (WLD), Dry with cyclohexamide 500g TK3455

*HLP can be prepared in a microwave


MB1200 - 100X Microscope 
Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X, and 100X. (100X needs immersion oil). Meets the craft brewers needs. Monocular head (rotates 360°), mechanical stage with dual controls, separate coarse and fine focus, built-in 20 watt incandescent light, and stain resistant, enamel finish.

MA1400 - Microscope Kit 
Contains all parts necessary to do routine microscope analysis: Hemacytometer, Methylene blue stain, box each of microscope slides and cover slips, immersion oil, lens paper, counter. Save almost 10% by ordering complete kit.

Hemacytomer Chamber #2926b MA1410
Methylene blue stain 50 ml MA1420
Alkaline Methylene Violet 50ml bottle MA1422
Slides-Premium Frosted (100/box) MA1430
Cover slips 100/box MA1440
Slides & Cover Slips For Microscope MA1445
Type B Immersion Oil -1 oz MA1450
Hand Held Counter MA1470
Gram Stain Kit 30mls each MA1500
Gram Slides w/Control Slide 5-pk MA1600
Lens Paper, 4 x 6" 50 sheets/book MA1700


1000ml Erlenmyer Flask LW2110

Size 9 stopper for 1000ml flask LW2110-S

500ml Erlenmyer Flask LW2120

Size 7 stopper for  500 ml flask LW2120-S

250ml Erlenmyer Flask LW2130

Size 6 stopper for 250ml ea. flask LW2130-S


1000 ml glass beaker graduated every 50ml LW2200

100 ml Graduated Cylinder Autoclaveable, polypropylene LW2310

500 ml Graduated Cylinder Autoclaveable, polypropylene LW2320


25ml Pipettes sterile disposable LW2510

1 ml pipette sterile 100pk sterile disposable LW2520

Pipet Ser 10ml 50/pk LW2530

Glass Pasteur Pipettes 144/ box LW2600

Transfer Pipettes - 50/pk sterile disposable LW2800


Silicone Bulb, Pipet Filler Chemical resistant LW2700

Rubber Bulb 30 ml capacity for 25ml pipets LW2710

Rubber Bulb 3 ml capacity for 1ml pipettes LW2720


50ml vial with cap, sterile, disposable LW2910

50 ml vials w/cap 25/bag sterile disposable LW2920

15ml vial with cap sterile disposable LW2930

Tray of 15ml vials with cap Sterile disposable (50/box) LW2940

Glass test tube w/cap Each 16x125mm LW2400

Nalgene 125ml PET bottle Sterile LW2928

Nalgene 125ml PET bottle Tray of 24 LW2928

10ml Tube w/white cap one each LW2929


Metal Innoculation Loop LM4210

Inoculating loops-Disposable sterile disposable LM4220

L-Shaped Cell Spreader 10/pk LM4260

Sterile cotton swabs 10/pk  LM4110


Alcohol lamps LM4300

Bacterial Air Vents Ultradyne 50mm, 0.2um LM4400

Parafilm- 125 ft box LM4500

Laboratory gloves- Small size LM4710

Laboratory gloves-Medium size LM4720

Laboratory gloves-Large size LM4730

Laboratory gloves-Xlarge LM4700

Disposable face masks, anti-fog 50/pack LM4740


Laboratory Coat-Small size-small LM4820

Laboratory Coat-Medium size-medium LM4830

Laboratory Coat-Large size-large LM4840

Laboratory Coat w/ White Labs logo 2XL size: xx-large LM4860

Laboratory Coat w/  White Labs logo - 3XL size: xxx-large LM4870

We have many other lab supplies available. For a complete listing, view the catalog here.

For information on any of the above information, please call 1-888-5-Yeast-5, or write the sales staff.

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