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TK2000 Alcohol Test Kit Plus Alcohol by volume and alcohol by weight for one sample. Individuals can purchase additional tests when registering on Yeastman.com - including (for beer) bitterness units, color analysis, SO2, bacteria and wild yeast, and diacetyl, and (for wine) lactic and malic acid, bacteria and wild yeast, and SO2. 

Users can also select tests for gluten. Available in home brew/home wine shops and direct from White Labs via Yeastman.com. 

TK2200 Wine Test Kit Plus Designed specifically for wine makers and home wine makers. More details will be released soon. Additional tests can be added at Yeastman.com.

TK2205 Wine Test Kit Comprehensive This test includes most testing options that wineries need. Details will be released soon.


White Labs recommends the following items for in-house testing for commercial customers:

TK3275 White Labs Test Kit Bundle (TK3000, TK3100, TK3250) Test for aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and wild yeast at the same time. When the entire brewery and beers are tested clean in all three tests, a brewer can be confident the product is clean.

As with the other kits below, the bundle includes the following, among other items: Plate

s, gloves, and sample collection containers.


White Labs Wild Yeast Test Kit (above photo)
Lins wild yeast media (LWYM) is used to test for the presence of saccharomyce. All necessary equipment and instructions are included to test 5 samples and 1 control . Specify glove sizes needed (S,M,L). Requires use of a microwave. Use within 24-48 hours of receiving for best results.

White Labs SDA Test Kit Kit contains media plates and essentials to detect the presence of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria found in beer and/or yeast slurries. Kit includes specialized pouches for proper anaerobic incubation, if desired. Kit tests 5-6 samples. 

All necessary equipment and instructions for sample collection and testing are included.

White Labs HLP Test Kit Easily test for beer spoilage organisms, Lactobacillus and 

Pediococcus. Kit tests 5 samples plus one control. All necessary equipment and instructions to collect samples and test them are included. Specify glove sizes needed (S,M,L). Requires use of a microwave.

If you are confident that you have either wild yeast or bacteria, then you can purchase the kits individually:

TK3250 White Labs Wild Yeast Test Kit 
TK3000 White Labs SDA Test Kit 
TK3100 White Labs HLP Test Kit

Other test kits include:

TK3400 WLN/WLD Test Kit

TK3400AP WLN/WLD Test Kit w/ Anaerobic Pouches

Other items recommended by our lab:

MB1200 Microscope 
Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X, and 100X. (100X needs immersion oil, see item MA1450). Meets the craft brewers needs. Monocular head (rotatable 360o), mechanical stage with dual controls, separate coarse and fine focus, built-in 20 watt incandescent light, and stain resistant, enamel finish.

MA1400 Microscope Kit
Contains all parts necessary to do routine microscope analysis: Hemacytometer, Methylene blue stain, box each of microscope slides and cover slips, immersion oil, lens paper, counter. Save almost 10% by ordering complete kit.

LM5020 Brewing Microbiology (book)
Autor: Priest, F. G. Hardcover, 306 pages. Published in 1995.

For details on any of the above information, please call 1-888-5-Yeast-5, or write the sales staff.



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