Native Yeast Program

The Native Yeast Program offers tailored solutions to clients interested in obtaining a proprietary “estate culture,” isolated from their local environment such as facility, old barrels, equipment, or nature.

The program allows the client to differentiate their product while staying true to their origin and brand characteristics, and is a powerful tool for maintaining consistency of a spontaneous fermentation.

Enrolling in the Native Yeast Program gives control and reliability of the fermentation while staying true to the indigenous microbiological characteristic. At the completion of the project, White Labs can maintain these proprietary strains in a stable format until needed by the client, and can be provided on slants or in pure liquid cultures.

We offer more than 15 years of combined professional experience in the field working with wineries on native yeast projects, from small-scale operations to the largest wineries in the world.

We offer a program with varying degrees of project complexity. See the packages below to find the right program for you!

Program Packages

LS6725  Mixed Culture Isolations- Great for wild and native cultures, kombucha ($505)

  • Organisms identified to Genus level (i.e. Saccharomyces-type yeast, non-Saccharomyces-type yeast, anaerobic bacteria, aerobic bacteria)
  • Ratio of organisms in culture
  • Total acidity production as a mixed culture
  • Can be banked as a mixed culture or as individual strains
  • Genetic Identification can be added on for $150 per bacterium, $269 per yeast


LS6730 Advanced Mixed Culture Isolation- Great for wild and native cultures, kombucha ($2550) 

  • Isolation of organisms
  • Genetic identification of isolated organisms
  • Lab scale fermentations with the following data for each organism:
    • pH
    • ABV tolerance
    • Hop tolerance
    • Alcohol values for each organism
    • Flocculation characteristics
    • Total Acid production
    • Attenuation of sugars for each strain 

Package C: Custom Native Yeast Project

Please contact our expertly trained staff to customize a program that meets your needs and budget. Enroll in the program by logging into Click the tab called Laboratory Supplies and Services and consult section Laboratory Services at the top of the page. 

For more information about this program, contact us.