Wine Test Kits and Lab Services

Wine Test Kits and Lab Services
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Wild Yeast (LWYM) Test Kit
Great for detecting Saccharomyces-type wild yeast. The definition of wild yeast is simple, “yeasts not deliberately used and under full control.” Wild yeast can have a profound effect on haze, off flavors, superattenuation, and may promote surface film or pellicle. Since wild yeast can have significant ill effects on wine, it is important to identify their presence in the winery. This kit provides the best means for a winery to test for the presence of Saccharomyces wild yeast. This medium inhibits, or markedly restricts, growth of culture yeast while permitting growth of a variety of wild yeast. It incorporates known effects of fuchsin-sulfite and crystal violet into one medium. Some specific strains of wine yeast show weak growth on LWYM, but wild-types display very distinct colonies.

Wallerstein’s Kit
This kit contains Wallerstein media plates with cycloheximide (WLD) and without cycloheximide (WLN). The cycloheximide inhibits the growth of culture yeast and molds, isolating the bacterial and wild yeast encountered in wine and industrial fermentation processes. In addition, WL media allows for the easy detection of acid secreting bacteria via its bromcresol green pH indicator component. Use the 12 plates and kit essentials to detect the presence of aerobic yeast and bacteria.

White Labs HLP Test Kit
Easily test for beer spoilage organisms, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. Kit tests 5 samples plus one control. All necessary equipment and instructions to collect samples and test them are included. Specify glove sizes needed (S,M,L). Requires use of a microwave.

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