Introducing White Labs' New FlexCell Process and PurePitch® Commercial and Homebrew Packaging
Watch the video below to find out how we're revolutionizing the art of fermentation.

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FAQ for Brewers

Our new PurePitch® packaging:


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White Labs shot this video of PurePitch in use.
Thank you to brewmaster Steve Kinsey of Kinetic Brewing in Lancaster, CA! 

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PurePitch Frequently Asked Questions

When will commercial customers begin to receive the new packaging in their orders?  
Commercial customers can expect to see a gradual transition to the PurePitch packaging starting in June 2014. Full implementation will gradually happen over the coming months. (As of March 2015, at least 11 strains have been released in PurePitch). 

What sizes are available?
PurePitch is available to order in the same sizes you are used to seeing. The exception is that the Nano, 1bbl, and 2bbl pitchable sizes will be consolidated into one PurePitch Nano size (500ml). The PurePitch package will be available in 500ml, 1.5L and 2L professional sizes, which will be combined to make up our prior pitchable sizes. Some of these packages may seem smaller to you, but that’s because we’ve been able to provide a more consistently concentrated yeast package, delivering 2.5 billion cells per milliliter of slurry

Will you use this technology in your homebrew packaging as well?
Yes, the release of the homebrew PurePitches will take place after all commercial yeast is ccnverted to PurePitch.

My beer tastes different. Is that because of the new packaging?
No. Yeast has been produced in the FlexCell process and PurePitch packages since the beginning of 2013. The difference is that now the yeast is not transferred to a different package for shipping.

Sanitizing the scissors creates an extra step for us. Can you add a spout to the package?
The logic behind not having a spout is that we don't want to sacrifice the integrity of the package. Nevertheless, the R&D department continues to work on the package, and White Labs has the ability to design additional features to meet the needs of brewers.

Will this impact your wine and distillation commercial customers too?
Yes, our commercial wine and distillation customers will also receive their orders in our new PurePitch packaging.

How should customers store the new PurePitch packaging?
The PurePitch packaging storage requirements are the same as our previous commercial products. Yeast should be stored in the refrigerator prior to use.

Does the new PurePitch packaging require any new procedures to use (ie. sterilizing the bag, cutting tool, etc.)?
Customers should sanitize their scissors/cutting tool and wipe down the PurePitch package before cutting it open and pitching it directly into the fermentor.

Will this new process/packaging change the cost of your products?
No, the cost of our yeast cultures will remain the same in most cases, except international customers will see a reduced cost. However, the new technology should allow us to provide more control and consistency in our pricing for years to come.

Will there be any changes to shipping?
Shipping costs will be reduced because the new PurePitch is more concentrated and lighter compared to our previous commercial bottles.

Will the new packaging impact wait time for yeast orders?
The FlexCell process increases product consistency and improves inventory management, ensuring customers get the product they need when they need it. Streamlining our production process gives us better product availability, and customers can view our inventory and process using our Yeastman®  tracking platform .

There is a carabiner in the photos. Where's mine?
The package has a hole that can be used with a carabiner so that the package can hang in your cold room. The package does not come with a carabiner. The photos show the options that exist; it could also be used for a hook.

I did not get a printout with the package. Where can I find my QC information?
The QC and related information is on the back of the package, and is not included in a seperate document any longer. Also, any yeast lot number can be entered in Yeastman, and the QC results will show for your for your package.

What is the shelf life of PurePitch?
Because the PurePitch packaging is breathable, CO2 pressure is reduced, improving the viability of the yeast over time. Also, without all of the handling traditional packaging requires, yeast physiology is much improved. You will notice a 4 month best before date, which we have always had on our homebrew packages but previously did not print on our commercial packages. For consistency, that date is now on all White Labs yeast packages. We hope to be able to extend the recommended best before date on PurePitch but are still conducting tests to validate any extended shelf life benefits due to our new packaging. We hope to have more information soon.

**Note: Do you have other questions or comments about PurePitch? Please provide these comments in our survey. White Labs is constantly perusing new and better technology for our yeast and for our customers. Feedback from the survey can help shape the direction of White Labs innovation in the future.