WLP003 German Ale II

Good for Kölsch, Alt, and German style Pale Ales. Strong sulfur component will reduce with aging. Clean, but with more ester production than WLP029.

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Very vigorous fermentation ...

By: jwatkins56550 | Date: Nov., 19th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: American Pale Ale

Very vigorous fermentation, 2 inch krausen after 11 hours, blew off after 24. OG was not recorded, but FG was 1.008. Mash temp was low so that is probably why. Fermented at 65-67 then 70 for 5 days. Very clean, lager like profile. Made a really light American pale ale

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Optimum Ferment Temp.65-70°F, Does not ferment well less than 62°F

Alcohol ToleranceMedium