WLP050 Tennessee Whiskey Yeast

Suitable for American-style whiskey and bourbon. This yeast is famous for creating rich, smooth flavors. Clean and dry fermenting yeast. Will tolerate high alcohol concentrations (15%), and ester production is low. Also popular in high-gravity beers.

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“Clean and clear, a natural to pair with oak”

By: Alex G. | Date: Mar., 12th 2014 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

I brewed a variation of Stan Hieronymus' Number 8 with this yeast.
Dropped in a Barrel Mill American oak spiral, medium plus toast, in the secondary for six weeks.

I think this yeast accentuates the hop flavor, is clean and neutral, no fruitiness, not overly dry, clears well, and really brought out the flavor of the oak.

I will be using this one again very soon.

“ClassicAles strain, or could be.....”

By: ClassicAles | Date: Aug., 9th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Old Ale

Tried many times to get this yeast in the past... Now I see it listed! Wanted to brew a "Tennessee" version of an Old Ale on American Oak, but have never found the yeast thru my supply chain. If you us