WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast

A super clean, super-fast fermenting strain. A low ester-producing strain that results in a balanced, neutral flavor and aroma profile. Alcohol-tolerant and very versatile for a wide variety of styles. Similar to California Ale Yeast WLP001 but it generally ferments faster.

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Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
American Style Cream Ale4American Style Wheat Ale4
Fruit Beer2Herbs & Spice Beer4
Specialty Beers4Specialty Honey Ales4
Smoke Flavored Beer4Golden Ale Canadian Style Ale4
German Style Kolsch2Classic English Style Pale Ale2
English Style India Pale Ale1American Style Pale Ale4
American Style India Pale Ale4American Style Amber4
English Style Bitter2English Style ESB2
Scottish Style Ale2Irish Style Red Ale2
English Style Brown Ale2American Style Brown Ale4
German Style Brown and Dusseldorf Altbier2Robust Porter2
Brown Porter2Classic Irish Style Dry Stout2
Foreign Style Stout2Sweet Stout1
Oatmeal Stout2English Old Ale English & American Strong Ale4
Barley Wine Strong Ale4Strong Scotch Ale2
Imperial Stout2Imperial IPA4


Feedback and experiences from previous customers. Want to leave a review of your own?

American Amber

By: Matt | Date: Sep., 21st 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: american amber

Great yeast, even though I"m a new(er) brewer this yeast allows me to learn the flavor profile of my hops and grains. I say that because I have used other yeast with the exact same hops and grain and have tasted a difference. Very clean and all the statements of being fast and possibly blowing the cork are true. It happened to me.

Blew my top

By: Syksith brewing | Date: Jul., 24th 2014 | Beer(s) Brewed: American Barleywine

This yeast was awesome it finished quick, just a warning it is really a super yeast! I was brewing a barley wine, OG 1120, and used a yeast nutrient with the brew. Used a starter over 24 hours in advanced but the yeast showed no activity. I pitched it still thinking it was a bad batched. First day of fermentation still showed no activity, and almost pitched some 007 to save the brew but gave it 1 more day. The next day I woke up to a mess in the cellar; the yeast had fermented so fast and so hard it blew the cork off my fermenter. It kept fermenting so hard for the next 48 hours that I couldn't keep sanitizer water in my bubbler take caution when using this yeast and know that it lives up to its name as a super yeast.

Very clean and fast fermentation - I think that I've found my new "House Yeast"!

By: T.Privitera | Date: Jul., 17th 2014 | Beer(s) Brewed: American Style Pale Ale

After reading about how clean San Diego Super Yeast ferments, over and over, I decided to give it a shot in an American Pale Ale.
I made a 2 liter starter, to my surprise, 2 hrs after pitching, fermentation was very actively under way!
WLP090 is very clean fermenting, this yeast really let the malt & hops shine through, very balanced.

I am so impressed with this yeast, I started another 2 liter yeast starter and brewed my Centennial IPA, fermentation started 2.5 hrs after pitching, and it is currently fermenting. I cannot wait to see how it enhances the malt and hop profile of this IPA.
I think that I've found my "Haus Yeast"!

Clean and fast

By: Carol | Date: Jul., 2nd 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: cream ale, ginger cream ale, American amber, IPA, Otter Creek Copper ale clone, fest-ale, dunkel-ale,

I've used this yeast in many styles of beer and it always ferments fast and clean. I find that it's best for styles that don't have much for finishing hops or dry hopping. The yeast seems to eat up the flavor & aroma hops in my IPA's, other yeasts (like 001)seem to preserve the hop flavor & aroma better than this yeast. Great for all other styles where you want a clean beer that ferments fast and drops out to give you a bright beer. Doesn't seem to be fussy about fermentation temperatures. A great yeast!

This is just a great clean and dry yeast

By: Mr G | Date: Jan., 20th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Pale Ale, IPA, Amber, etc...

This is just a great clean and dry yeast. Enjoyed that the 4 times I've used it, the FG has always been @ 12 or lower... Again, an awesome yeast to have in a homebrewers' yeast supply...

Well I just want to say this yeast is a game changer

By: Ryan | Date: Dec., 16th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Ale

Well I just want to say this yeast is a game changer and I love it I brew a light pale ale about 7 lovibond. With a finished A.B.V of 12% I brew down to 1.002 then bottle and let sit for 3 more months -- makes a true ale to be coveted.

Lots of violent ...

By: Duck | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: High gravity ale

Starting 1.090 Finishing 1.022. Very clean tasting. Took only 3 to 4 days to ferment out. Highly active fermentation. Lots of violent kräusening activity through blow off tube. Slightly low attenuation.

... with better flocculation

By: Mike L. | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: American IPA

I brewed a great American IPA with this strain. Starting gravity of 1.062 and finished at 1.010. Starting fermentation at 65F and raising to 67F over 7 days followed by 7 days of dry hopping at 65F. Very clean and neutral flavor profile and seems to me to leave less yeast character than WLP001 if you can believe that! Great balance on malt and hop flavors and may emphasize the malt a bit more than WLP001. Flocculation was excellent, much better after the week of dry hopping than with WLP001. It wasn't any quicker to attenuate for me, but it was the first generation. Overall very similar to WLP001 with better flocculation. I would like to try it in other American styles.

Will try again

By: Justin | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Strong Ale

Brewed a real big OG 1.091 Strong ale and pitched the yeast, during fermentation everything went great, real fast turn around time and everything. Nice aromas and such, but it pooped out at 1.030 :( I picked up another vial, Shall review again after the next brew.

Very clean fermenting ...

By: Lee | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Barley Wine

64 oz starter brought my 1.109 barley wine down to 1.019 in 12 days @70F. Good attenuation (as of now beer is still in secondary). Very clean fermenting, this yeast really let my Munich and honey malts shine through.

... will graduate to this yeast ...

By: Flocculate This! | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: IPA

OG 1.055-1.06. A pretty standard IPA Wort. I didn't have any DME to make a starter & pitched the yeast directly after warming the vial for 4-5 hours as recommended & after cooling the wort (natch). Had about an 8 hour lag time. Compared to Cali WL the krausen didn't look as viscous. The yeast had 3 days of vigorous fermentation & then another 3-4 beyond that. After 10 days the yeast had brought the gravity down to final gravity. I went to bottle at 14 days. Samples at bottling were very clean. The yeast flocculates very well compared to California. No diacetyl at all -- kind of surprised due to the strong flocculation. The flocculation upgrade was a nice addition since I don't have temp control & can't cold crash so I imagine it would enhance my dry hopping (does). I think I will graduate to this yeast from cali for a lot of pales-to-DIPA's. Pretty rad yeast.

... many thanks ...

By: Naz | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: American IPA

Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for making San Diego part of the normal production line! California was our house strain until our LHBS recommended SDSY when it came out. After using it in our AIPA, it finished fermenting so quickly, floc'd out so clearly, and the flavors were so well balanced and deep that we decided to switch strains. PLEASE keep this strain around for a while! Great job!

... may go down to ...

By: Brad Lumley | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: IPA

Fermented a 1.066 OG IPA at exactly 65degF. This yeast took it down to 1.015 (a little higher than I expected). Flocculation is poor for me, even after a cold crash. Some pear fruity esters but relatively clean. Seems like it squashed the hop aroma just a bit. All said, it finished quickly and that was really the point. I'll definitely try it again but I may go down to around 62degF to see if I can get some of those esters out and still keep the fast fermentation.

It finished in about three days ...

By: Johnny Vagabond | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Russian Imperial Stout, Cascadian Dark A

I used this yeast WITHOUT a starter on a Chocolate Rye Russian Imperial Stout with an OG of 1.118. With some temperature monitoring, this beast of a beer was fermented to a FG of 1.020 in just 4 days. Unbelievable. I took a small sample of the left over yeast from primary and cultured it with sanitized sugar and used it WITH a starter for a Cascadian Dark Ale with an OG of 1.068. It finished in about 3 days with a FG of 1.013. Fantastic! The hop bitterness was accentuated but the aroma was lacking, even though I used plenty of aromatic hops varietals late in the boil, so I ended up dry-hopping it with much success. THIS IS A PHENOMENAL strain, guys. The high flocculation may mean it takes a little out of your hops in primary for the hop-heads out there, but dry-hopping will get you back to where you want to be...

It was definitely fast ...

By: Aaron | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Pale Ale

I tried this baby for the first time with an appropriate starter. I started it at 64F and let it naturally raise up to 67F. I then, let it finish up at 68F. It produced a fantastic beer. It was definitely fast, done in probably less than 7 days with little krausen formation. It leaves a very clean ale with emphasis on malt and hop character, not yeast character. It seems to clarify faster than WLP001. I don't know if it is as good at higher gravity beers, but I would highly recommend it!

Very clean & vigorous

By: Joshuah Brock | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Strong Cherry Ale

Very clean & vigorous at around 67 degrees, very slow around 64, but either way this yeast gets the job done. This has replaced WLP001 in my yeast bank, despite higher attenuation. My strong cherry ale reached 12% ABV no problem

I love this yeast

By: Brulosopher | Date: Sep., 28th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: DIPA

I love this yeast. At first, I couldn't quite figure out what it was I like so much about it except for that it fermented and dropped bright very quickly. I recently tested this yeast up against the standard go-to Chico strain, WLP001, with a nice DIPA- half was pitched with each of these yeasts (built up in proper starters). Both beers have been in kegs for about 3 weeks and this one (WLP090) is significantly brighter than the Ca! l Ale strain. While on its own the 090 is perceived as clean, it certainly tastes different next to the 001, hence I do not believe this is the more flocculant cells from 001. Rather, I get a subtle and very nice English character. Perhaps my palate is completely unsophisticated, but this yeast seems what might be produced if 001 and 002 had a kid. It's delicious. I love this yeast.

Pitched a 1600ml starter

By: Eric Hoffman | Date: Aug., 3rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: American Wheat

Pitched a 1600ml starter of WLP090 onto 5 gallons of 1.057OG wort and in three days it was cleared and down to 1.010. Clean tasting but it also accentuates the hops.

I made an IPA with 1 oz Galena hops (@60) and a mixture of 1 oz Summit

By: Jez | Date: Jul., 30th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: IPA

I made an IPA with 1 oz Galena hops (@60) and a mixture of 1 oz Summit, Nugget and Willamette hops (@10, 5 & 0 min), dry-hopped with 2 oz Amarillo & 1 oz Simcoe. OG was 1.062. I fermented @62*F for 3 weeks, then dropped the dry hops in for 10 days. I made a 2L Starter with 200 mg of DME. FG was 1.004. INSANE. I just kegged this yesterday, but if the hydrometer sample is any indication, this will likely be the best IPA I've ever made. I ! think I have a new favorite ale yeast. In fact, I think I will now switch over to White Labs for all my yeasts.

So far I'm loving this yeast

By: Mark Zgarrick | Date: Jun., 7th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: High gravity brown ale

So far I'm loving this yeast. Fast, clean and clear! 1.093 to 1.015 in 7 days. Now aging in a Bourbon barrel. Last sample was very clear and tasted great. Awesome strain!

So far I'm loving this yeast

By: Mark Zgarrick | Date: Jun., 7th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: High gravity brown ale

So far I'm loving this yeast. Fast, clean and clear! 1.093 to 1.015 in 7 days. Now aging in a Bourbon barrel. Last sample was very clear and tasted great. Awesome strain!

Best. Yeast. EVER.

By: BACH | Date: May., 27th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: IPA/Belgian IPA

Best. Yeast. EVER. I have been using this yeast for a while now and the IPA I just made sealed the deal. This is now my work-horse. Super fast, super flocc, super clean, super beer. Use it, love it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Attenuation76-83% +

FlocculationMedium to High

Optimum Ferment Temp.65-68°F (18-20°C)

Alcohol ToleranceHigh