WLP840 American Lager Yeast

This yeast is used to produce American style lagers. Dry and clean with a very slight apple fruitiness. Sulfur and diacetyl production is minimal.

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Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

German Style Pilsner2 Bohemian Style Pilsner2
Munchen Style Helles2 European Style Pilsner2
American Style Light Lager4 American Style Lager4
American Style Premium Lager4 American Style Specialty Lager4
Vienna Style Lager4 Americn Style Amber Lager4
German Style Marzen & Oktoberfest2 European Style Dark & Munchner2
American Style Dark Lager4 German Style Schwarzbier2
German Style Dopplebock2 Bock2


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“White Labs American Lager Yeast”

By: Gary | Date: Dec., 4th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Golden american lager

This yeast makes one incredibly smooth and clear lager. I used this yeast on a gold lager made with pils and vienna malts. It was hopped moderately with Kent Golding hops and was amazing. I would have put this lager up against any lager out there! It would make a wonderful house tap beer that everybody would enjoy. It ferments very well at 55f and is fast. I used one vile of the yeast with a one pint starter then a 48 hour rest after fermentation was complete

“WLP840 American Lager Yeast is a great lager yeast!”

By: T. Enix | Date: Jun., 10th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Pre-Prohibition Lager

For my very first batch of beer, I used WLP840 to ferment a Pre-Prohibition Lager. It turned out great! I've had many compliments and requests for more of the Pre-Pro Lager. I attribute much of my success with that beer to the yeast. The flavor profile of the yeast certainly gave my beer a premium lager taste.

“I am studying masters in Univaersity of Auckland on "Beer Yeast inactivation methods”

By: Elham Milani | Date: May., 21st 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Unknown

Dear Sir/Madam, I am studying masters in Univaersity of Auckland on "Beer Yeast inactivation methods".I need to know the technical information of the mentioned yeast ( The strain which matches to ATCC for example or Fort Richard Lab)to be able to order and work on my experiments as one of the most commonly used yeasts in New Zealand breweries. Please help me at this case Thanks!

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Optimum Ferment Temp.50-55°F (10-13°C)

Alcohol ToleranceMedium

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