Big QC Day results are in! (scroll below)
What is Big QC Day?: Each participating brewery submitted two beers, and each beer was put under various tests discussed below.
Why: Big QC Day was the first large-scale, independent testing of craft beer. Brewers learned about their beers and quality control issues at an affordable costs. The tests provided a picture of the status of craft beer in general. Breweries can compare their tests against the overall results of the test group.
What's next: Stay tuned for details about the next Big QC Day. Also, this site will continue to be updated with data. Plans include publishing charts comparing tests results for specific beer styles.
What's new: Results are in, read below.
FAQ: Click here for frequently asked questions about Big QC Day.

Thanks to all who participated in the first big QC Day. Results have been sent to all participating brewers. One of the advantages of participating in Big QC Day - besides learning about your beers as well as quality control issues - is that you can compare your beers against the other participating breweries. Each brewery sent in two beers and each beer was put through a variety of tests described below. The following results are for the group as a whole. Individual results are confidential.

Scroll below for specific tests or follow these jumps: aerobic bacteria, alcohol, anaerobic bacteria, color, density, IBUs, Real Extract, total VDK, wild yeast, microbiological analysis overall, microbiological analysis by test.