Big QC Day #2

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The most comprehensive and economical way to test beer, QC Day allowed brewers to send in two or more beers, each of which were tested for such factors as IBUs and total VDK. Breweries can compare their results to others, including by style and region. By conducting the tests in a concentrated time and for many breweries at one time, each customer saved nearly $400.

Big QC Day, which began in 2007, is the only large-scale, independent testing of craft beer. Brewers learn about their beers and quality control issues at an affordable costs. The tests provided a picture of the status of craft beer in general.

As in the past tests, Big QC Day 2008 involved the following tests, among others: aerobic bacteria, alcohol, anaerobic bacteria, color, density, IBUs, Real Extract, total VDK, wild yeast, microbiological analysis overall, microbiological analysis by test.

New for 2008: Calories per 12 oz, pH, and real and apparent attenuation.

2008 Results

Below: Aerobic bacteria