3rd Annual Big QC Day
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* 4th Annual QC Dates Released: We will be shipping out the kits Feb. 4th and 5th 2010 and they must be postmarked by Feb. 17.
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* 2009 results are posted below -
bacteria dropped for the 3rd year in a row
* Click here for regional results on selected tests
* Find a sample beer analysis report here
* Other results: 2008, 2007

What is Big QC Day?

For three years in a row, participating breweries have submitted two beers each (or more, depending on how many tests they ordered) for a variety of tests described below. The tests, which have involved about 10 percent of craft breweries, have provided a picture of the state of craft beer in general. Each year, the percentage of contaminated beer has dropped, among other results.

As in the past tests, Big QC Day 2009 involved the following tests, among others: microbiological analysis overall, microbiological analysis by test, aerobic bacteria, alcohol, anaerobic bacteria, calories, color, density, IBUs, real extract, total VDK, wild yeast, pH, apparent attenuation, real attenuation. Some of these tests were also broken down by region. Links to these regional results can be found here, or follow the links under the applicable tests.

Below are the 2009 Results

Below: Microbiological testing overall

Regional micro overall