White Labs is building plant in Asheville, NC

Job inquires: For inquires regarding the Asheville site including future jobs, construction projects, etc, please write us at [email protected].

Update: White Labs Asheville is expected to open in fall 2016.

View a recording of the announcement here.

White Labs has unveiled plans to expand its operations to the East Coast with a new factory in Asheville, North Carolina, crowned BeerCity USA in 2010.

White Labs a leading provider of yeast supplies and consulting to breweries, wineries and distilleries with fresh yeast and related products, is pleased to announce its domestic US expansion.

Now, in addition to operating in California and Colorado, White Labs will be covering the entire United States with distribution and operations in Asheville, NC. Known for its scenic beauty, music culture and robust art scene, Asheville's reputation as a haven for brewing and culinary arts is growing and White Labs is growing along with it.

White Lab’s expansion into the North Carolina craft-brewing center is driven by consumer demand.

CEO & Founder Chris White said the expansion will result in "even quicker shipping turn around times, lower costs and less overhead. Asheville is the first step of our global expansion plan that is strategically being rolled out in waves over the next few years. Like San Diego and Boulder, Asheville serves as an innovation center for emerging breweries and we couldn't be more excited to join the Asheville brewing community. 40% of our current customers are on the east coast. Being local will enable us to best serve them and lower our corporate carbon footprint.”


1. What will you be doing at the new Asheville location? [Our newest location will serve our customers in the following ways: Distribution, Tasting Room, Education, Production, Analytical Lab Services]

2. Will you brew a local/regional beer? [Sounds like fun. Can’t see why not.]

3. Will you have facility tours? [Yes.]

4. Will there be a tasting-room and restaurant at the brewery? [Yes, this facility will directly mirror that of our San Diego headquarters and have both a tasting room and bites.]

5. How will White Labs’ presence benefit the local beer scene? [Availability. Community. Innovation.]

6. What is the projected timeline for the Asheville location to be operational? [Fall 2016]

7. What’s the White Labs’ commitment to the community? [From day one we’ve had a commitment to community providing everything from yeast to feedback, testing and technical advice. We are proud to create enduring experiences and cultivate community where-ever we are and have been long time supporters of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Breast Cancer Research through Beer For Boobs]

8. What is the White Labs’ donation policy? [We love being involved and make donations when we can. A formal request on your organization letterhead and a non-profit identification number is required. Please help us, help you.]

9. Why did you choose North Carolina? And Asheville? [Asheville, North Carolina is centrally located on the [Y]east coast and within driving distance to many of our customers. Asheville has an amazing beer culture and quality of life. They’re our kind of people and it’s a natural fit with our White Labs corporate culture of cultivating community and work life balance]

10.Will you sell growlers and beer on site? [Yes]

11.Where will orders be fulfilled? San Diego? Asheville? [We will have the luxury of fulfilling orders from both the [Y]east and West coasts]

12.Will you producing all strains in both locations? [Not at this time.]

13.Are we brewing the same beers at each location [Having two locations allows for even more creativity in our brewing and we plan on brewing different beers in each tasting room that meet the needs of the local taste buds and character]

14. Any additional locations on the horizon? [We are always looking toward corporate growth and look forward to sharing our global expansion plan over the new few years.]

15.Are we fulfilling enzymes and nutrients from the East Coast? [Yes]

16.How big is the Asheville facility? [Upon completion, the Asheville facility will be approximately 32,000 square feet]

17.How many jobs are we bringing? [We are proud to bring 65 jobs to the local community]

18.What is the address? [172 South Charlotte Street Asheville, NC 28801