Consulting and Special Projects


White Labs offers expert, affordable on-site assistance for all of your fermentation needs, including:

  • Laboratory Staff Training
  • Laboratory Set-Up, including protocol and procedure manuals
  • Contamination Risk Assessment/Clean-Up
  • New Product and/or Fermentation Method Assistance
  • Yeast Handling
  • Yeast Propagation


Always eager to stay on the forefront of fermentation science and its applications, White Labs is frequently engaging in “Special Projects” for clients in all areas of fermentation. Apart from beer, distilling and wine projects these include baking, coffee, cocoa, kombucha, kefir and other fermented products. Fermented foods of all sorts are continuously gaining popularity among consumers and White Labs is proud to offer custom project solutions ranging from the counter-top hobbyist to high technology research projects. The Special Project Team is here to support wherever there is fermentation involved!

For more information, and to discuss your individual needs, please contact us.