White Labs provides distillers the yeast and fermentation products, analysis services and know-how to help them craft the most flavorful spirits possible. White Labs distilling strains are included in our Vault line up. For professionals, Vault strains are offered year-round, come in Custom Pour packaging, have a minimum order of 1.5L and require a longer production lead time. For homebrewers, Vault distilling strains are available for pre-order through The Vault for Homebrewers.

White Labs offers the following products and services to customers in the spirits community:

Check out this Distilling Resources Link for a list of enzymes useful for distilling, a liquid yeast handling guide (including how to expand the yeast for larger batches) and a style guide for making bourbon, brandy, gin and more. To place an order, log in to yeastman.com and browse our inventory selection. You may also contact a Customer Service Representative at 888.593.2785 or email [email protected] to place an order.