White Labs provides distillers the yeast and fermentation products, analysis services and know-how to help them craft the purest, most flavorful spirits possible. In past decades, the use of large batch dry strains in America and Europe eroded some of the flavor profiles that came with the use of liquid cultures. White Labs and our customers are reviving these flavor profiles with the use of fresh liquid yeast. White Labs offers the following products and services to customers in the spirits community:

Check out this Distilling Resources Link for a list of enzymes useful for distilling, a liquid yeast handling guide (including how to expand the yeast for larger batches) and a style guide for making bourbon, brandy, gin and more. To place an order, log in to yeastman.com and browse our inventory selection. You may also contact a Customer Service Representative at 888.593.2785 or email [email protected] to place an order.