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  • Yeast: Wild Yeast/Bacteria
  • Yeast: Vault

-- - 20%




Low (2-5%)


68° - 75° F
20° - 24° C

STA1 :


  • Part No: WLP618
  • Category: Yeast
  • STA1 QC Result: Negative

This strain of non-conventional brewing yeast, Saccharomycodes ludwigii, has been found to be useful when brewing a low alcohol beer. This specific strain has been chosen because of its lower ethyl acetate production compared to similar strains. This species does not ferment maltose or other larger sugars and will only ferment the glucose, sucrose, and fructose.


This strain is appropriate for all styles of low alcohol beer. Although this would be categorized as a wild yeast, this strain would not typically be considered a beer spoiler as it does not have the ability to ferment larger sugars. Using this strain to create a low alcohol beer requires a modified recipe.

Attenuation ranges will vary depending on recipe and/or mash profile

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