Go Ferm

  • Part No: WLNGOFERM
  • Category: Nutrients

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Fermentation with Go Ferm


Go Ferm is a game-changer for fermentation enthusiasts in winemaking, cider production, and brewing. It's a cornerstone for achieving two crucial goals: food safety and robust yeast health. These elements pave the way for successful fermentations and top-notch beverages. We all know that a thriving fermentation process is key. White Labs' Go Ferm steps in as a nutrient powerhouse, specifically designed to fortify yeast during rehydration. This critical phase puts significant stress on yeast cells. Go-Ferm provides essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, sterols, and fatty acids directly to the yeast cells during rehydration. This not only boosts their initial viability, but also sets the stage for vigorous fermentation and the optimal conversion of sugar to alcohol (ethanol).

Beyond stress reduction, Go-Ferm benefits extend to the final product. Users experience stronger finishes with higher attenuation rates and cleaner flavor profiles in wines, ciders, meads, and beers. While Go-Ferm offers convenient packaging and tailored dosage rates, it's not just about adding nutrients. It's about fostering an optimal environment for yeast to thrive. This ensures consistent, high-quality fermentations and enhances food safety by promoting complete sugar conversion to ethanol.

Dosage Rate: 30g/1bbl

Amount: 2.5 or 10kg