White Labs Yeast Nutrient

  • Part No: WLN1000
  • Category: Nutrients

White Labs Yeast Nutrient is used to increase the health of yeast, this improves fermentation and re-pitching performance. It contains diammonium phosphate (DAP), essential vitamins and co-factors, nitrogen, amino acids, proteins, peptides, and minerals. An effective boost for first and/or late-generation yeast slurry. If the grist is not 100% malt, then White Labs Yeast Nutrient can help make up for the lack of nutrients.

We recommend using traditional finings agents for most fermentations. If you are still struggling with unwanted haze, filtration may be necessary. 

Dosage Rate: 1oz per 5BBLs (1/2 tsp per 5 gallons) during the last 10 minutes of the boil

Amount: 1oz , 20 x 1oz, 80oz


WLN1000 Yeast Nutrient
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