Do you have any suggestions for how I should ship the yeast to my customers who order by phone or online?


We sell White Labs yeast. Do you have any suggestions for how I should ship the yeast to my customers who order by phone or online?


White Labs is committed to producing the highest quality of yeast in the world. It leaves our laboratory having undergone the most rigorous standards of quality control. But much can happen in the shipping process, and to remain its best, it’s important to be handled well. To ensure the yeast reaches your customers in the same quality as when it left our laboratory, we’ve put together a set of shipping guidelines.

1. The most important rule is, keep it cold! Yeast needs to be stored in a refrigerator at all times (40°F, 4°C).  Its shelf life can decrease drastically when left outside of this range. Too cold is just as damaging as too hot and it should never be frozen. Yeast loses 10% viability each time it is frozen.

2. Insulation and Ice Packs. The more insulation inside the package when shipping the better.  Insulation is used both as padding for protection, and to regulate the internal temperature.  At White Labs, we pack each shipment with ice packs to ensure that it will stay cool during transit.

Provided below is a table of the recommended ratio of homebrew containers to ice packs needed when shipping.

VIALS/PurePitch      ICE PACKS (normal)         ICE PACKS (hot months)     

1-4                             1                                 2

5 to 9                          2                                 4

10 to 19                       3                                 5

3. Packing Sequence.  Be sure to remove the yeast from the refrigerator right before packing it in a box. Ice packs only keep the yeast at its current temperature, it will not chill the yeast.  If you package the yeast at 40°F (4°C) with ice packs and insulation, it will stay close to that temperature for the first 24 hours. If the yeast temperature rises to 50°F (10°C) before packaging, it will never get back to 40°F (4°C).  The ice packs will maintain it at the higher temperature, and the yeast will rise to higher temperatures more quickly than if packed at 40°F (4° C).

4. We recommend shipping everything 1 to 2 days.  Be aware of weekends and holidays where shipments can be delayed.  Plan your shipments during the week to ensure delivery before the weekend.

5. Make sure to let you customers know that it needs to be refrigerated upon arrival.


By following these recommendations, you will pass on the highest quality of our product to your customers.  We thank you for taking the time to ensure these steps are followed.


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