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Brewers in Scandinavia and Europe are welcome to fill out the form below, which will be answered by White Labs staff members in the United States. Alternatively, brewers may contact the White Labs representative in Scandinavia, Troels Prahl. who operates the White Labs manufacturing facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. Prahl provides direct help to brewers in Copenhagen and surounding cities and countries from a dedicated White Labs production office within the WarPigs brewpub (full details can be read here). Prahl brings yeast into Copenhagen from White Labs USA and makes yeast for brewers in the White Labs Copenhagen manufacturing facility. 

To contact White Labs U.S., write us or call (858) 693-3441. Prahl is available to provide technical support, training and ordering information. Write him here.

Flaesketorvet 68 • DK-1711
Copenhagen V, Denmark


**To view the report showing White Labs Copenhagen was inspected and approved as a food producer click here **

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