The Secrets to Hazy IPA: Tips from The Pitch

Category : Technical
Date : January 25, 2021
Author : White Labs Education Staff

Tips From The Pitch - Hazy IPA

What is the Hazy IPA?

Hazy IPA’s are known for their intense fruit flavors and aromas, a soft body, and smooth mouthfeel, and often opaque with substantial haze. Less perceived bitterness than traditional IPAs but always massively hop forward. This emphasis on late hopping, especially dry hopping, with hops with tropical fruit qualities lends the specific ‘juicy’ character for which this style is known.

Spilling the Secrets

What are the secrets that make hazy IPA a great beer style? What strains should be used and why?
Join Joe Kurowski, Head of Brewer Operations as he breaks down the fundamentals of the style  
  • Hop aroma and fruit-like esters
  • The role of attenuation in creating balance and body
  • Haze stability and process
  • Selecting the right strain
  • Dry-hopping during active fermentation
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Suggested Strains