Clarity Ferm and Producing Gluten Reduced Beers

Category : Technical
Date : November 15, 2021
Author : White Labs Technical Team
The market for gluten-free products is ever increasing. Beer has traditionally not been a product available for the gluten-intolerant crowd. Using a specific enzyme, drinking gluten-reduced beer has now become a reality. 


Clarity Ferm

Clarity Ferm is a proteolytic, non-GMO protease. The enzyme cleaves gluten proteins so that people with gluten sensitivities do not react adversely. When used correctly, beers treated with Clarity Ferm test below 20 ppm of gluten, which is the FDA’s limit for gluten-free products. Because beer is produced with ingredients that contain gluten, the FDA does not allow beers treated with Clarity Ferm to be considered gluten-free. Find out more about the FDA ruling on gluten-reduced beers here.

How does it work? 


How much should you use? 

We’ve done extensive research with this product to understand dosage rates across many style types. For example, wheat contains twice the amount of gluten than barley. Because each beer is created with different ingredients, we suggest you check out our dosage calculator here for the best results. 

How to use the Clarity Ferm Calculator?

​Select either Clarity Ferm size
-Pro [1L, 10L] or Homebrew
Select the kind of beer Clarity Ferm is being added to
- For Haze stabilization and fining purposes, select A or B
- For Gluten reduction purposes, select C or D
Enter Gravity (Pro Only) & Batch Size

= Calculated Amount of Clarity Ferm Needed 

When do you add it? 

The product should be added during fermentation which gives it the best chance of mixing throughout the entire beer. Adding it to the pitching yeast or dosing directly to the fermentor is acceptable. 

How can you test my beer? 

White Labs provides gluten analysis by utilizing the only TTB approved test for gluten, the R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive assay. This is an approved ASBC Method (Beer-49)

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