From the Bin to the Bakery, Fermentation's Most Delicious Side Stream

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Date : February 18, 2022
Author : White Labs Copenhagen

Climate change and resource overuse require a transition to a cleaner and more efficient circular economy. At White Labs, we continuously focus on the optimization of our production processes towards a “zero waste” operation, increasing energy efficiency, reducing water utilization, and converting side-streams into higher added-value products.

Introducing “Fermentate” by White Labs Copenhagen

Our main side-stream by volume is the nutrient and flavor-rich supernatant left after cell harvest, something we call ‘Fermentate’.

In our Copenhagen R&D department, we are always looking for new and exciting utilizations of this flavourful and high-quality liquid-yeast by-product.

The baking industry was one of the obvious candidates for the application of Fermentate, given the high volumes of Fermentate produced from our ever-increasing yeast production, and the sweet worty flavor profile. With our minds set on minimizing the product's CO2 footprint, we chose to reach out to local bakeries that could easily and quickly use this delicious, organic, food-grade product.


“The IPA Beer Bun"

One of our current collaborations is with Jalm&B, a Copenhagen-based industrial bakery that happens to share our common values of sustainability and dedication to quality. They have created “The IPA Beer Bun” using our ‘Fermentate’ as a far more flavourful water substitute.

The IPA Beer Bun is a soft brioche bun, rich in umami flavor, offering a depth of character not typically seen in an industrially-produced burger bun. As an added bonus, the IPA Beer Bun also uses excess spent grain from a number of local organic breweries.

The IPA Beer Bun is currently available across Denmark in the stores of Salling Group, one of the country's largest supermarket-chain operators.

"Sustainability has been, and always will be,
at the heart of what we do at White Labs."


Expect more deliciousness to come 

We are always striving to reduce and reuse wherever possible and will continue to work with a number of other local food producers on food projects utilizing our 'Fermentate'

If you have an idea for a food project that you think might benefit from Fermentate, our flavorful supernatant, don’t hesitate to get in touch - we would be happy to bring in even more collaborators.

Email us at: [email protected]

Fermentate is just one of many projects currently in the works. Be sure to stay tuned for future project updates!