An afternoon in Sweden

I am in the middle of a twelve-day trip to Denmark, but had decided to take a day trip to Malmo, Sweden, which is a 20 minute train ride from Copenhagen.  The main purpose of the trip was to visit Malmo Bryghus and an email acquaintance of mine who is a brewer there, Thomas Fransson.  Thomas also hosts Swedish Brewing Radio, so he was able to get together a group of start-up brewers and homebrewers for some yeast education. 

After the first day of cold and some drizzle in Copenhagen, I was happy to see that Saturday afternoon for our venture out to Sweden, it was beautiful and sunny.  I brought the family (Glen and Ada) and Thomas met us at the train station in Malmo with his family (My and 4-year old Otto).  We had a short walk to their apartment courtyard for lunch, which happens to be conveniently located across the street from Malmo Bryghus.  Thomas treated us to a very interesting homebrew, a Saison-style beer with Thai basil.  It was immensely refreshing to me, with just a hint of Thai basil, which is one herb that I absolutely adore.

We had a group of about 20 people for the meeting and I talked about yeast handling, storage, and answered questions.  Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant for dinner with some house-made charcuterie, Swedish-style ribs, and a fantastic cheese plate.  It was a great cap to a great afternoon.  In talking with the brewers in attendance, it is always fun to see how differently people are doing things but all with a common cause – making great beer.  The beers I had in Malmo were all quite good and I am sure they will continue to get even better.  I am amazed to see the passion in this group and really looking forward to the exciting growth that will surely happen in this country in the craft beer movement.  Perhaps you will hear me on Swedish Brewing Radio in the near future.  If you do, please pardon my Swedish :)

I am very happy that I was able to make this trip and it really just serves to remind me how much I love what I do.



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