Bettering Your Brand Through Staff Education

Bettering Your Brand Through Staff Education

Employees are the greatest asset of any company. From the quality of beer to the guest experience and resonating marketing, educated staff is the cornerstone of success. The current crisis has given growth to alternative ways of learning that all breweries should take advantage of. 

How is your brewery utilizing these new ways of learning to support the continued growth of your employees? While the majority of learning takes place inside the workplace, here are some concepts that breweries of all sizes should consider implementing: 

On-boarding not only reviews company history, products, and values but it sets the tone for company culture and employee expectations. Formalize your onboarding process to include general company and industry onboarding along with job-specific training. Ensure this training gives employees the tools and time to ask questions about company expectations. 

Tastings and brand training seem obvious but it’s common to be caught up in daily operations and forget to take the time to properly train staff on new beer releases. Take time to look at things like how the brand plays a role in your portfolio, tasting notes, packaging types, and style history. Utilizing a formal sensory program as a tool for quality assurance/quality control is another way to build engagement while obtaining usable data. 

Webcasts have quickly become the new norm as a way to stay up-to-date on current industry trends. Many trade organizations and suppliers are continuously publishing informative content through live webcasts. Try creating employee training metrics, recommending specific webcasts to help your team use these opportunities to advance their knowledge. Check out White Labs Wednesday Webcasts for topics ranging from R&D to utilizing brewers yeast in baking. 

On-demand training is another great option due to the wide range of content and sources. Whether you’re looking for training for the brewing team or front of house and marketing teams there is a wide breadth of web-based courses available when it works for your employees. White Labs has released our two first on-demand courses (with many more to come) The Many Flavors of Fermentation and Reusing Yeast. These paid courses are ideal for brewers, operations managers, and anyone looking to better understand one of the most critical ingredients in beer. 

Whatever opportunity you decide to use within your brewery, it’s important to remember that education is more accessible than ever before! Investing in your employees will result in dedication, retention, and improved output, not to mention it helps build an ethos around innovation within the brewery.

Looking for additional ways to support your staff through education? Please email us at [email protected] for more information.


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