Brew It Yourself: Southern Cross IPA

Need some inspiration for your next brew day? Our latest "brew it yourself" blog post features a 5-gallon-sized recipe for a Southern Cross IPA.

For this recipe, the Brewing Team used WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast. Follow this recipe step-by-step or use it as creative inspiration your next brew day! Check it out below, and if you like what you see, sign up for our Customer Club newsletter at to get more content like this straight to your inbox! 

Southern Cross IPA
Yeast: WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.061
Final Gravity: 1.012
Estimated ABV: 6.4%
IBUs: 40

Grain (single infusion mash at 147°F):
45.8% Pale Malt 2-Row (5lbs 3.5oz)
45.8% Pilsner (5lbs 3.5oz)
3.5% Vienna Malt (6.4oz)
2.4% Cara-Pils (4.5oz)
2.4% Munich Malt - 10L (4.5oz)

.55oz Southern Cross
[60-minute addition]
2oz Southern Cross
[10-minute addition]
2oz Southern Cross
[5-minute addition]
2oz Southern Cross
[Whirlpool addition]
3oz Southern Cross
[5-day dry hop addition]

Tasting Notes: 
Single-hop beers are the best ways of getting to know unique hop varieties. New Zealand hops are known for their expressiveness and this hop is no exception. With a clean malt bill, this beer has an aroma of citrus and resin and a soft bitterness on the palate. We used WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast to push the citrus notes and leave some malt character which balances the bitterness. We also did not use any finings giving the beer a hazy appearance. Give this beer a shot or replace Southern Cross with a hop of your choice, just make sure to keep bitterness to 40 IBU’s. 
Erik Fowler, White Labs Education & Engagement Curator

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