Special WLP005 label for October

White Labs and Beer for Boobs, a fund-raising team for breast cancer research, are running a promotion during the month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. White Labs will create a special pink label for vials of WLP005 British Ale Yeast during the entire month. For...

Data for Olive Oil vs. Aeration Experiment

Here is the fermentation comparison data for the olive oil experiment a few months back:

Comparative Sample Report – Olive Oil Experiment

The Patagonian Hypothesis

Credit: Photo by Diego Libkind, Institute for Biodiversity and Environment Research, Bariloche, Argentina

At the World Brewing Congress last week, one of the more interesting yeast talks was presented by the genetics scientist Diego Libkind, Ph.D, of Argentina, who discussed...

Olive Oil vs Aeration Experiment

From the Lab:

We’ve had so many questions from commercial and homebrewers alike, about whether adding olive oil to wort can take the place of oxygenation/aeration. We’ve read the New Belgium study, but we decided to find out for ourselves, on a 5 gallon scale. We know that yeast need...

New Strain Released: WLP835 German Lager X

WLP835 German Lager X

Classic yeast from a famous Bavarian monastery. This strain develops a creamy, malty beer profile with low sulfur production and low esters. It is a great choice for styles like traditional Helles, Oktoberfest, Bock, and Dunkel. Attenuation : 70-76%...


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