Check your QC results

White Labs Inc. has long provided detailed QC test results to breweries. Now, this same detailed information is available to those buying homebrew packages. The intensive testing has always been a hallmark of White Labs, and these numbers are now available for viewing at Simply create or log into your account, and on the first page that pops up, you will see two elongated circles under the main menu, one for Test Kit Entry and one for Yeast QC Reports. Follow the link to Yeast QC Reports. Thus, it is a one-click process once your Yeastman account is open. (For those with commercial accounts, please follow the Analytical Lab Services tab in the top menu bar). When the lab page opens, enter the lot number from the vial in the designated box, and view your results. A report at the bottom of the lab pages explains the various test results.

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Would be nice to just plug in the QC number off the vial without having to register. It's just QC data. No need to get so complicated.