Clarity Ferm Q&A

Lots of brewers ask us about how Clarity Ferm can reduce the gluten in their beers, and how they can describe these procedures and outcomes to their customers. We have updated the online description of Clarity Ferm to include the answers to these kinds of questions, including considerations related to the TTB interim labeling guidelines issued last year. Visit the revised Clarity Ferm description here. We also discussed the gluten issues and Clarity Ferm in detail in a recent issue of Craft Beer Quarterly.

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So I'm trying clarity ferm for the first time along with some WL 835. I was wondering will the clarity still perform under lagering temperatures (pitched with yeast at 50 F) . The packet does not include any information about proper temperature whilst in the beer. Thanks.

Hi Chris- Yes, Clarity Ferm will work at lagering temperatures.

I've used this product two times on beers that I've made several times. I think it changes the flavor or brings out stronger malt flavors. For example I made a amber with 4.5% brown malt. The end product really had toasty flavors you would associate with a brown ale. Have you experienced similar results with kilned or toasted malts? Thank you.