Homebrew Blends, Meet PurePitch®

After months of R&D, our team is happy to announce that homebrew blends are finally making their way into PurePitch® packages! Starting the week of December 17, you’ll be able to get some of your favorite blends in PurePitch® packages, including:

The move from vials to PurePitch® will not only make them more easy to recognize as White Labs strains, but the improved packaging will also increase the shelf life.

Our team is continuing to study all of our blends and working on the most efficient way to integrate them into our FlexCell™ process. We are excited for the first wave of releases and look forward to adding more to the list!

Retailers can order the new PurePitch® blends using our app or through yeastman.com, while homebrewers can use our app or online store locator to find the nearest retailer!

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