New reason to join Customer Club

The White Labs Customer Club has been in existence for more than a decade, but there has never been a better time to join than now.

For years, homebrewers have enjoyed the benefits of the program, which include being eligible to exchange empty White Labs homebrew containers for free White Labs merchandise including more yeast.

It is one of the largest customer clubs in the homebrew hobby.

Now, there is a new incentive to sign up as soon as possible.

White Labs will soon unveil a new program for homebrewers that will surely be talked about among hobbyists, and the first to be able to participate will be Customer Club members. Expect this announcement in the next month. 

In addition to the first-look opportunity, an incentive to sign up now is the Customer Club program was recently revised with new awards.

Sign up now or review the awards at

(Below is a photo of White Labs executive Neva Parker taking in thousands of vial returns as part of the Customer Club).

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