New Strain Released: WLP835 German Lager X

WLP835 German Lager X

Classic yeast from a famous Bavarian monastery. This strain develops a creamy, malty beer profile with low sulfur production and low esters. It is a great choice for styles like traditional Helles, Oktoberfest, Bock, and Dunkel.
Attenuation : 70-76%
Flocculation: Med
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50-54°F
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium-High

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Not a quick yeast, but consistently steady. Pitched into a standard German Pilsner recipe (OG 1.053) at 5C (41F) and allowed to rise to 11C (52F) over 24 hours.

Day 12 at 1.018, then 2C daily ramps for finishing. Day 15 1.011 at 18C. Superb malty flavour and great hop flavour preservation. Wouldn't rate it as "low sulfur production", but certainly not to any level of concern. Excellent yeast.