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White Labs Copenhagen is now making yeast onsite and developing strong relations with breweries in Scandinavia and throughout Europe.
White Labs is located within WarPigs brewpub, which is a joint venture of Danish Mikkeller and American 3 Floyds Brewing Co. The brewpub is located within the historic meat packing district of Copenhagen, which is turning into a thriving arts and food district.
The two-person White Labs office is utilizing some of the original equipment that White Labs commissioned to make and ship yeast in the same flexible container, thus avoiding transfers and possible exposure to contaminants. This patented process and the resulting PurePitch packages have become the standard for White Labs yeast in the United States, and now this yeast is being made in Europe for the first time.
White Labs Copenhagen is led by Troels Prahl, who helped implement the new production process at White Labs when he was working in the the company's San Diego headquarters. The Copenhagen native returned home to open White Labs Copenhagen.
Besides yeast made in Copenhagen, Troels is bringing White Labs yeast in weekly from America for distribution throughout Europe. This makes White Labs yeast more readily available in Europe, with faster shipping and fewer international shipping complications. His personal help with brewers on yeast selection and advice has also been well received.
Currently, Troels is revitalizing and purifying a Norwegian farmhouse yeast culture that has been passed down through many generations. The traditional beer is called Kveik. 
For more information, contact Troels at [email protected].
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